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Katerina Foukara
She is the daughter of Christos and Mariam Foukara and it seemed as if the whole of Paphos was there for the occasion.

She studied painting at the Sourikof Academy of Moscow.


From 2001 - 2003, she studied painting and from 2003 - 2007 she specialised in monumental art under the direction of E. N. Maximov, obtaining a Master in Fine Arts.

At the same time she had a teacher in life and art, her grandmother Lavinia Bazbeouk-Melikia, a great Armenian painter and member of the Russian Academy, and daughter of the eminent Armenian painter, Akexander Bazbeouk-Melikian.

The creative presence of her grandfather Alexander Sukhanov a Russian painter, has played a positive and significant role in Katerina’s development too.

It is obvious that Katerina is discovering her own way of painting.

Written by Glyn Hughes


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