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Katie Sabry


Born 1956 in Isle of Man, United Kingdom.

Lived in Kyrenia until 1974
She lives and works in Limassol since 1987.

She has worked as a freelance painter and designer since 1979. Her preferred mediums are watercolour and oil.


Foundation year York School of Art 1974 - 1975: (ceramics, painting, photography and textile design)

Degree course 1976 - 1978 Academy of fine Arts, Rome, Italy: (painting and art history)


1984 Strasse Gallerie, Paderborn, Germany
1985 Kyklos Gallery, Paphos
1986 Kyklos Gallery, Paphos
1993 Peterís Gallery, Limassol
1995 Abu Faysal, Nicosia
1996 Abu Faysal, Nicosia
1999 Abu Faysal, Nicosia
2000 Abu Faysal, Nicosia
2002 En Plo, Paphos
2003 The Croft Gallery, Swindon, U.K.
2003 Orpheus Gallery, Limassol
2004 En Plo, Paphos / Diakosmos Paphos
2005 Kallepia, Paphos
2006 Dino Art Café, Limassol
2007 Aspelia Gallery, Larnaca
2008 Dino Art Café, Limassol
2010 Dino Art Café, Limassol
2012 Dino Art Café, Limassol

2013 Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca


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