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    Λία Λαπήθη

Σπούδασε καλές τέχνε και αρχιτεκτονική περιβάλοντος στο Πανεπηστήμιο της  Santa Cruz  στην Καλιφόρνια. Συνέχισε με θεωρητικές σπουδές στην Τέχνη στο University of Lancaster στην Αγγλία. Παρουσίασε το έργο της σε ατομικές και ομαδικές εκθέσεις.


Lia Lapithi

Born in 1963 in Cyprus, lives and works in Nicosia. Studied Art and Environmental Design at the University of California Santa Cruz (USA), followed by a Master of Philosophy at Lancaster University (UK). In 1991 she obtained a Masters degree in Architecture at Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury, UK, and in 1994, a Master in Art Education from the University of Wales.  At first influenced by the relationship to medicine/medical art, her artistic work later evolved around environmental and political issues, especially on the Cyprus issue, and the most sensitive forms of the tense political situation of the divided island. Her recent works are on art-food related events, including interactive social performances.

Lia Lapithi's work has been presented in exhibitions and international festivals including the Grand Palais in Paris, Dumbo Arts Center, New York, Musée Bozart, Brussels. Her works are included in the Cypriot National Collection of Contemporary Art in Nicosia, Cyprus, in the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna, and Centre Pompidou, Paris.


Gallery Kypriaki Gonia