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Nicolas Sideris

Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts, Athens University of Fine Arts, Department of Visual Arts

Main Subjects: Painting, Etching, History of Art, History of Architecture, Philosophy of Art, Psychology of Education, Pedagogy, Nude Studies.

Diploma Project (Supervised by Chronis Botsoglou): Portrayal the human side of Jesus Christ during torture and crucifixion. The study comprised several drawing studies using a variety of materials and techniques. Style ranged from expressionistic to naturalistic style and the whole project comprised a collection of grimaces of the face of Jesus. The intention was to graphically portray emotions of pain, fatigue and fear. The project has been awarded an excellent mark (27/30).


Ο καλλιτέχνης έχει εκθέσει έργα του στη Γκαλερί Κυπριακή Γωνιά

 Ομαδική έκθεση για τα 20χρονα
της γκαλερί
- Καλοκαίρι 2013

The artist has exhibited his work at Gallery Kypriaki Gonia Group exhibition for the gallery's 20th anniversary. Summer 2013

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