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Γιώργος Γουναρόπουλος
Σωζόπολη Βουλγαρίας, 1889 - Αθήνα, 1977.
Σπούδασε ζωγραφική στο Σχολείο Των Τεχνών (1907 - 1912) με δάσκαλους τους Σ. Βικάτο, Β. Μποκατσιάλη και Γ. Ροϊλό.


Giorgos Gounaropoulos (1889 - 1977)
He was born outside Greece, in Sozopoli Bulgaria. He came to Greece at the age of sixteen and after his studies goes to Paris, where later is going to return regularly, as his work is recognized late in Greece. After his first ventures in the direction of impressionism, he finally develops his own artistic style where the chromatic atmosphere functions as a mere suggestion and the figures (usually women) as symbols. In his works Portrait of Cybele, Archaic Figures, and Synthesis the artist bases his work on a timeless atmosphere which is created by the soft colors, to achieve the desired sublime quality in the female forms he portrays. He avoids exactness of details and in this general atmosphere tries to portray values of timelessness through his forms.












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