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Η Κριστίνα ΣΡΕΤΚΟΒΑ γεννήθηκε στη Στοκχόλμη το 1984. Σπούδασε στο ιδιωτικό Πανεπιστήμιο Rheinische Facchhochschule, Cologue. Aποφοίτησε το 2008 με  Master of Media - Design.


Τα κύρια σημεία της  δουλειάς της είναι να προβάλει τον εσωτερικό της κόσμο στο καμβά και έτσι να επιτύχει τα χαρακτηριστικά, όπως ομορφιά, ισορροπία, ρυθμό και χαρά. Παρουσίασε το έργο σε ατομικές εκθέσεις στη Σόφια, 2009 «Τα συναισθήματα μου μέσα από τη τέχνη», Βερολίνο, 2010 «Αναζητώντας τα χρώματα», Βερολίνο, 2010 Art Fair, Berliner Liste.




Dipl. Media-Designer 
Born in Stockholm/Sweden 1984.
Since 2000 living in Cologne & Berlin/Germany.

Art lessons in painting in oil and drawing with the Bulgarian avantgarde artist Boris Kolev (1970),
with the Bulgarian artist Vessa Vassileva (1926) and since 2009 painting in oil & photography assistent with the Persian artist Ebi Kalledar (1959) in Cologne.

Graduated 2008 in Master of Media-Design at Private University of Applied Sciences in Cologne,
Rheinische Fachhochschule, Germany.

Languages fluently: Bulgarian, German, English, Russian.

2013     Art International Zurich
            Kronen Galerie, Zurich
            Warburg Realty, NYC
            Gallery L'Europe, Paris
2012     Kypriaki Gonia Gallery & Hilton Hotel, Cyprus
            Art International Zurich
            Kronen Gallery, Zurich
            BKI-Gallery, Berlin
            Warburg Realty Ltd., NYC
2011     Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Cyprus
            Gallery LIK, Sofia
            Broadway Gallery NYC
2010     Fred Fargo Gallery, Berlin
2009     Doster Ltd., Sofia

2013    Art en Capital, Grand Palais, Paris á l’Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris
            Seoul, South Korea
            Montserrat Art Gallery, NYC
            Art Week Moskau
            Kypriaki Gonia, Cyprus
            Art Week St. Petersburg
            Art Week Berlin
            AAF Hong Kong
            Art Monaco 13
            Art Beijing 2013
            Forest Rain Gallery, Singapore
            American Club, Singapore
            Gagliardi Gallery, London         
2012    "Spiritualita", Palazzo Pontificio, Rome
            Salon Art en Capital, Grand Palais Paris
            Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC
            Chianciano International Art Award, Italy

2013     Creator of the Year from “The Bulgarian Newspaper”  in Cyprus 2012
2012     Honourable Mention for Artistic Merit, Chianciano International Art Award
2012     Honored Award from the European Cultural Circle, Baden-Baden
2012     1st and 2nd award for abstract painting, Art Week Berlin
2011     Award for “Best of Show” , International Exhibition “Symphony of Colors”, Florence
2011     1st award for avant-garde painting, Russian Art Week, Moscow
2011      2nd award for abstract painting, Art Week Berlin
2011      1st  and 3rd award for avant-garde painting, Bulgarian Art Week, Sofia

Forest Rain Gallery, Singapore
Association Artistique Franco-Chinoise TS, China
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC/USA
Galerie Beauté Du Matin Calme, Paris and South Korea
Gallery LIK, Sofia/Bulgaria
Gallery Kypriaki Gonia/Cyprus
Gallery Artitude Paris/France


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