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Ο Μάρκος Στασουλλής γεννήθηκε στην Αμμόχωστο το 1943.  Πήρε μαθήματα Σχεδίου και Ζωγραφικής ως δάσκαλος και φοίτησε στην Καλοκαιρινή Σχολή Τέχνης του Στας Παράσχου, όταν πρωτοϊδρύθηκε στην Αμμόχωστο.  Το συνεχές ενδιαφέρον και η μελέτη, η συχνή ενασχόληση με τη ζωγραφική, η παρακολούθηση πολλών Σεμιναρίων Τέχνης, η συνεργασία με πολλούς ζωγράφους καθώς και τα πρώτα δυνατά ερεθίσματα από την πολιτιστική και κοινωνική ζωή της Αμμοχώστου, μαζί με το ταλέντο και τη σκληρή δουλειά, έφεραν την εξέλιξη.  Μετά που υπηρέτησε ως δάσκαλος σε πολλές κοινότητες, αποσπάστηκε από το Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού ως ειδικός στη διδασκαλία του μαθήματος της Τέχνης και ως Συντονιστής Τέχνης στην Υπηρεσία Ανάπτυξης Προγραμμάτων.

Το 1989 κέρδισε υποτροφία στον τομέα της Τέχνης, που παραχωρούσε το Κεντρικό Ινστιτούτο της Κοινοπολιτείας.  Βραβεύτηκε και τιμήθηκε για την καλλιτεχνική προσφορά του από διάφορους φορείς.  Ασχολήθηκε με την εικονογράφηση βιβλίων του Υπουργείου Παιδείας Κύπρου και τιμήθηκε από την ΠΟΕΔ για την εικονογράφηση του βιβλίου «Δεν Ξεχνώ και Αγωνίζομαι». Παρουσίασε το έργο του σε δεκαέξη Ατομικές εκθέσεις και έλαβε μέρος σε πολλές ομαδικές.



Biographical Note and Elements of Marcos Stasoullis’ painting work

Marcos Stasoullis was born in Famagusta in 1943. After graduating from the Gymnasium and the Pedagogical Academy and after completing his military service he was appointed as a primary school teacher in 1965.

He took up drawing and painting lessons by correspondence and he studied at Stas Paraskos’ Art Summer School, the year the school was first established in Famagusta. Marcos Stasoullis’ work evolution has been emerged by his constant interest and study, his frequent occupation with painting, his attending of many Art seminars, his cooperation with many painters as well as his first strong stimuli from the cultural and social life in Famagusta Talent together with hard work have also helped.

After working as a teacher in many communities, he was appointed as a specialized teacher of Art and as an Art coordinator in the Curriculum Development Unit by the Ministry of Education and Culture. He was also responsible for the Art Archives of all the primary schools in the Limassol district.

In 1989 he was granted a scholarship in the Art Faculty offered by the Central Institute of Commonwealth. He was awarded and honoured for his artistic contribution by various institutions. He illustrated books for the Cyprus Ministry of Education and he was honoured for illustrating the book “Den xehno kai agonizomai” by the Pancyprian Organisation of Greek Teachers.

Marcos Stastoullis’ paintings are sometimes realistic whereas some others include surreal elements. His themes occur from landscape, still life as well as from the human being. Moreover, he mainly creates his art by the use of oil, acrylic and water colour combined with personal techniques and expressive ways.

So far, he has successfully held sixteen personal art exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions. Some of his paintings were bought by the Culture Service, the Greek Embassy, the Municipal Picture Galleries of Limassol and Larnaca, the Municipality of Kato Polemidia and Aradippou, the School Committee of Limassol, the Pancyprian Organisation of Greek Teachers, Cultural Center and by many collectors and art lovers too. From time to time his painting work has been presented by the press, the radio and the television with flattering comments.

Marcos Stasoullis took early retirement as a primary school headteacher in September 2000 to devote himself to artistic creation undisturbed. At present he lives in Kato Polemidia, where he has his art studio.

Critics – Comments

Marcos Stasoullis is distinguished for his stability and consistency, renewal and responsibility in his artistic work.

At the present unit, entitled “Pulses of our Land”, he is presenting the landscape of the Cyprus countryside with particular sensitiveness in vivid rhythm, motion and rich colour”. “Fileleftheros” 16/01/1994.

Quite different form the other shows but equally fascinating is this exhibition of imaginative paintings by Marcos Stasoullis. Figures caught in swirls of thought seem to suggest a personal philosophy. Lots of content with some to spare – a most unusual ability here. In some landscapes too, this restless energy permeates”. Glyn Hughes, “Cyprus Weekly” April 14-20, 1989.


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