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Θόδωρος Πανταλέων
Αθήνα, 1945. Σπούδασε γραφικές τέχνες στο ΑΤΙ και ζωγραφική με τον Η. Δεκουλάτο.


Thodoros Pantaleon (b. 1945)
Born in Athens, Thodoros Pantaleon studied graphic arts at the Athens Technological Institute (Doxiadis School) and painting with Ilias Dekoulakos.  He had his first solo exhibition in Athens (1976), having participated to group shows already since 1963.  Other one-man and group exhibitions followed both in Greece and abroad.  He was awarded with the 1st Prize at the Cultural Group of Athens Exhibition (1963) and the 5th Pan-Hellenic Exhibition for Young Artists (1973).  His work is clearly surrealistic and shows a distinct personal style.  He lives and works in Athens.












Gallery Kypriaki Gonia