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Nicos Psatharis was born and grew up in Akanthou, a village which has been occupied by the Turkish troops since 1974. He has been working systematically since 1983 on the research and study of Cyprus wood-carving Art. He has been tought woodcarving by Popular Carves and distinguished Cypriot artists. He has been endowed with talent and skill but also determination to revive this art which was very popular at his beloved village, Akanthou. As the mayor of Larnaca Mr G. Lycourgos, said at the inauguration of the gallery, ''Nicos Psatharis serves the continuation of tradition at his village''.

Mr Costas Economou, Painter, ex Inspector of Art says the following, ''Mr Psathari's  abilities and skills in wood carving gave him the possibility to create perfect replicas of the old artefacts he was studying. When Mr Psatharis felt that the objective of his research had been realized, he proceeded to carve his own personal creations having as a source of inspiration natural and social environment. These works, skillfully done, are genuine and sincere expressions of his own world. He achieved a high standard in his work through perseverance and hard work''.So if you want to admire some excellent master oieces of the Cypriot Art of  wood-carving, visit ''Kypriaki Gonia'' Art Gallery.


Ο Θεόδωρος Παπαγιάννης καθηγητής γλυπτικής της Ανώτατης Σχολής Καλών Τεχνών Αθηνών, αναφέρει για την δουλεία του Ψαθάρη..... "Ένας πολύ καλός καλλιτέχνης. Ο καλλιτέχνης θέλει μεράκι, θέλει δόσιμο ψυχής και ο Ψαθάρης αυτά τα βάζει στη δουλεία του γι' αυτό τα έργα του έχουν ευγένεια"